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 El-Loren career as a drummer started throughout in different bands in Madrid's underground circuit. In 2010, tired of the way the music industry works and with a need to move on forward on his own, he decides to leave all other former plans aside to focus on his own personal work as a songwriter as well as with his projects of percussion and melody with recycled objects. El Loren has published two self edited albums in which he not only composes all the songs but he also is the percussionist. In the albums, he uses countless recycled objects to create the base of the songs. His music has traveled to ten countries so far, where he has offered thousands of shows and concerts in streets, festivals, events and even clubs.


El Loren is currently focused in bringing his second album to the audience in a distinct show where he sings, plays guitar and uses everyday and recycled objects -which he plays with his feet- to create music. The show also broadcasts live collaborations with different musicians. Likewise El Loren works everyday to improve his musical show with recycled objects, where there is always room for research and evolution



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Lorenzo Mena, drummer and percussionist with a 20-year musical career, has been travelling for the last 6 years across 10 countries and uncountable festivals, clubs and TV Shows, performing his “recycled percussion show”

His set includes buckets, pans, pots, trays and PVC pipes (all recycled elements) which he uses to play music based on funk, Drum and Bass, Electro, Techno or Progressive rhythms. The show promotes sustainability and self-management. It combines joy and pedagogy in a close relationship with the audience, what turns that magical energy into dancing and playing spontaneously.

“Music is inside all of us and any object can be used to set it free.”

The Human Drum Machine

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International Street-Drummer.

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listen my new album

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